About Us

Welcome To Arevdour

By offering a versatile approach to supplying home textiles our facility can offer large and small-scale productions of Jacquards, prints, at a competitive price and in a timely manner.

Having built strong relationships with our mills in Turkey over the last 25 years we can be relied upon for enticing ideas along with our flexible service. We often work to clients briefs and are more than happy to discus your project with you working within your design parameters to create the concept you require.

Each of our mills have a different strength, you can view their capabilities and take a look at their collections by visiting our mills page here. Our ranges are created for both the domestic and the contract market. Initial testing is provided to ensure we can meet your requirements and we are currently developing our recycled collection and antimicrobial.

Although strictly speaking we are perceived as an agent, what we really do, is so far removed from a conventional agent.

Back in 1993 working out of mills in Turkey it became very apparent that it was on design that the business would stand or fall. This design resource was not available in Turkey and although to a lesser degree not much has changed today.

So after 25 years the principal remains the same, creating cutting edge product with a high perceived value giving our customers good margin opportunities and good margin protection.

We will regularly update the site with new products and concepts. Keep in touch with this site you will never know where your next best seller will come from.